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Absolute Coating's Journey to the West

Posted on Apr 11, 2019 12:33:01 PM

For hardwood floors, the importance of good stains and finishes can never be overstated. From an aesthetic standpoint, they can set the color tone for a space or highlight the natural character and grain in the wood itself. When it comes to function and practicality, finish is the knight in shining (or matte or satin) armor that protects the floor from everyday use. 

At Palo Duro Hardwoods, we only offer products that will showcase the beauty of the wood, and highlight the skill of the installer and the expertise of our manufacturers. Now, we are excited to add another brand to our repertoire that we feel our customers will benefit immensely from: Absolute Coatings Group.

Well known along the east coast, Absolute Coatings is finally making its way out west, and PDH is excited to exclusively introduce a selection of their stains and finishes to our market. We had a chat with Stephen Crawford,  Sales Manager, Strategic Business Development at Absolute Coatings Group to get more details about what customers can expect to achieve with their product.

First, please tell us more about the history of Absolute Coatings and some of their specialties.

For over 90 years, Absolute Coatings has focused on creating quality interior wood finishes for wood flooring professionals.

A family owned business, and now part of the Absolute Coatings Group proudly manufacturing in the U.S.A., Absolute Coatings was one of the first companies in the United States to introduce polyurethane finishes. They have been producing them ever since in a state-of-the-art factory in North Brunswick, NJ.


The innovative strategies of the Absolute Coatings Group have impacted the industry by wide variety of products to suit every need of wood finishers Throughout the decades, our parent company Valentus Specialty Chemical Corporation has brought Absolute, Last-n-Last, Harco, Garco, Sampson Coatings, Petri, Precison, Wilson Imperial, PolyCare and PoloPlaz products to the forefront of technology. With advanced oil and H20 products, aluminum oxide finishes and low V.O.C. formulas, they're pushing towards more environment-friendly products to lead a new generation.


It is this constant research effort that keeps the Absolute Coatings Group moving forward and its true commitment to uphold product integrity that has earned the respect and loyalty of customers nationwidee.


How can ProSelect poly help PDH customers?


Pro-Select is a huge hit with contractors looking for a poly that rolls, pads and T-bars beautifully. It dries quickly, in 4 to 5 hours, and levels out really well, even in the high desert and with Colorado’s low humidity. Combine that with a competitive price versus other quality 550VOC finishes, you will love the new Absco Pro Select. 

What differentiates QuickDry Stain from other fast-drying products?

Absco Quick Dry stain contains urethane for added durability. Available in popular colors, the stain is very low in viscosity to allow for an easier application. It also features higher volume solids than most competitive offerings. This ensures superior sealing properties when used according to label directions. 

What are the key selling points for Absco’s water base?

Absco’s water-based finishes offer the most popular technologies in demand today. Absco Grand, our best seller, can be rolled, padded or T-Bar applied and provides a durable finish and consistent sheen. Our new Grand Clear 1K is the latest addition to the line-up, feature a robust film build that remains crystal clear. Absco Easy 2K is our premium offering, featuring chemistry that resists lapping and is suitable for commercial applications. 

What other Absco finish products can customers get access to through PDH?

In addition to Absco, we offer several finishes from such recognized brands mentioned above. From iso-catalyzed Water Based Poly, Universal Sealer, Swedish Finish to 275 low-VOC oil poly, we have a product to fit your floor finishing needs. 

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