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Colorado Mountain Collection

Posted on Aug 30, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Colorado, in the minds of countless people across the world, equals mountains. Skiing, hiking, climbing. Wildlife, nature, and big sky hanging large over it all.

Colorado is our state. And now Palo Duro Hardwoods is introducing its exclusive Colorado Mountain Collection.

The collection celebrates Rocky Mountain lifestyle with high-end, hand-made quality. It features wide-plank engineered wood flooring named for some of Colorado’s many 14,000-foot peaks. For example: Pikes Peak, Maroon Peak, Snowmass Peak.

Advantages of the Colorado Mountain Collection

It offers some of Europe’s age-old techniques of smoked and reactive stain treatments to produce a naturally aged and color-varied effect that is not achievable on a job-site application, due to the controlled-environment requirements and complexity of the process.

If real wood floors are the beloved natural element to a home’s interior, then reactive stain colors are their equal in the finish process, desired to enhance wood flooring’s sought-after character. The reactive stains combined with the French and German oak’s organic tannins create a rippling color effect unique to each board.

The collection uses a water-based finish with five percent matte sheen for the top coat, giving the floor the look and luster of oil, but with little to no maintenance requirements. This finish’s flexibility and adhesion to the wood give it its durability to last throughout the lifetime of the product.

Another way the Colorado Mountain Collection stands out is its enhanced 7 ½” wide-plank stability, even in the arid, high-desert climate of Colorado. The collection, with its quarter-inch (six-millimeter) wear layer exceeds the norm for engineered wood flooring.

That pushes conventional thinking about engineered flooring in a climate like Colorado’s. Our secret sauce, so to speak, is at the center of this product line. The Colorado Mountain Collection offers a three-layer construction with the extremely stable rubber wood (Hevea) at its core.

That said, we always recommend humidity control in our dry mountain climate. That simply is at the heart of Wood Floor Care 101, no matter the product. But owners can take added comfort in the innovation of the Colorado Mountain Collection.

Our goal with this line is to break the boundaries of style and innovation in our region, to defy conventional thinking while bringing a top-quality design element to the wood flooring market.

Like with solid wood flooring, ¾” thickness is what people expect for the highest-quality plank floors. The six-millimeter wear layer gives every bit of sandable surface provided in solid wood flooring products, but with the benefit of enhanced stability.

And last but not least: length. The Colorado Mountain Collection offers exceptional length, with more than 70 percent of the boards in this collection reaching eight feet long.

Is our pride showing yet? The Colorado Mountain Collection is ours. Our state, our concept of innovation, and our standard of quality. But we’re happy to share it.

There are four ways to learn more about the Colorado Mountain Collection:

> Browse through the peaks in our online catalog.

> Visit the Palo Duro showroom at 12875 East 42nd Avenue, Suite 1, in Denver, Colo.

> Contact your Palo Duro sales manager.

> Call our inside sales team at (303) 375-0280.

View the Colorado Mountain Collection

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