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Hallmark's Novella

Posted on Sep 28, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Creativity and story are the theme of Hallmark Floors’ Novella Collection.

Literary classics run through the heart of the Novella Collection, a library of some of the greatest stories ever told. The individual flooring products within the collection are named for some of the greatest to ever put pen to paper and create those stories.

The Old Man and the Sea. Moby Dick. The Scarlet Letter. The Grapes of Wrath. To Kill a Mockingbird. The Great Gatsby. All literary standards.

Hemingway. Melville. Hawthorne. Steinbeck. Harper (Lee). Fitzgerald. All names within Novella.

“We wanted to romanticize the art of storytelling through our designs – hardwood has a history that has been written in nature, and the stories are shared through species, floors, and designs that combine it all into pieces of the stories we live,” says Sylvia Bulanek, Hallmark Floors Marketing Manager.

Novella is a prefinished engineered wood flooring line that highlights 12 American authors and poets that told exceptional stories of life, as they viewed it in the 19th and 20th centuries. Life lived from coast to coast, and at sea.

“We landed on ‘Novella’ because the theme was fun, unique and creative,” says Ryan Roberts, Hallmark Floors Digital Marketing Specialist. “Novella is named after the most celebrated and influential American literary authors because it contains our most celebrated and influential colors, species and designs.”

The line features 6” wide planks in three American species. Hickory and maple designs are coated with TrueMark® GlazeTek finish for a low-sheen luster. The oak flooring shows off Hallmarks’ exclusive NuOil® finish, providing a durable, natural and authentic appearance.

“Novella is our ‘greatest hits’ in regard to engineered hardwood flooring,” Bulanek says. “The collection showcases the best in Hallmark Floors’ designs for color, selection and durability. We put our hearts into every detail from the design elements to the collection’s name.

“The fact that there are two finishes and the entire collection is hand-touched makes it extra unique. The maple and hickory colors are lightly sculpted by hand, and the entire collection is color-stained by hand. All this allows customers to choose which option best fits their interior design, family needs or lifestyle.”

View the Novella Collection | View Hallmark Floors’ catalog

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