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Hallmark's Polaris

Posted on Nov 23, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Explorers have been following the Polaris, or North Star, for millennia. It’s the pinpoint light in the sky that leads to new opportunities in the world. The call to adventure.

Polaris also is the name of one of Hallmark Floors’ newest collections, a Premium Vinyl Plank (PVP) that spotlights 10 names of daring with its innovative mashup of materials and style.

History buffs and fans of TV’s Jeopardy know the names: Magellan, Champlain, Erikson from 400 to 1,000 years ago. Much more recently, Intrepid and Endeavor.

Flooring goes far beyond the boundaries of function these days. It’s style, comfort, and story. It shows something about the owner’s personality, and leads to conversations with neighbors, family and friends that start with, “Oh, I love these floors.”

Hallmark Floors' Polaris Premium Vinyl Plank Flooring

One story: With a name like Magellan, Hallmark’s warm, medium-toned oak planks take on the spirit of the Portuguese sailor who commanded a fleet of five ships on a three-year adventure to circumnavigate the globe. His 270 sailors would complete the mission in 1522, though Magellan died the year before. An adventure with risks and great rewards. Magellan’s name lives on.

There are nine more stories represented in Hallmark’s Polaris line, each ready to be customized by the owners who weave their own tales.

“The name Polaris represents the idea of adventure to us, and carries meaning for what we’ve done with our Polaris Collection,” says Mark Casper, National Sales Manager at Hallmark Floors. “Polaris, the star, has guided countless explorers throughout time. That’s why we chose a few of those famous explorers’ names – da Gama, Dias, Raleigh – for our collection. They are examples of people who have pursued big ideas to all lengths across the globe and, with our Endeavor, for example, even into outer space.

“With our Polaris, we are traveling new territory and riding to a new level of possibility in flooring. Premium Vinyl Plank, or PVP, provides a real wood look with sawn-face texture that can be seen and felt like never in vinyl flooring.”

The collection features 5.75” wide planks with the authentic look of four American species: Hickory, Maple, Oak and Walnut. Each plank is 48” in length, and has a 12 mil wear layer and 5.5 millimeter thickness. As expected, there are a range of looks, from light to dark tones.

“It’s an exciting innovation to package such authenticity of design with such easy function,” Casper says. “We know everyone’s lives continue to be busy. With our Polaris Collection, we’re maximizing style and minimizing the hassles of maintenance for every family that prefers to be out there chasing its own adventures.”

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