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Let There Be Light: PDH Celebrates 50 Years of the Iconic HUMMEL®

Posted on Jan 14, 2019 4:23:46 PM
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Here at Palo Duro Hardwoods, we like to think that we carry some of the most quality hardwood floors in the game, and so it goes without saying that the tools and machines we sell need to be of the same caliber.

For several decades, PDH has proudly maintained a relationship with one of the most esteemed manufacturers of sanding technology in the industry: LÄGLER GmbH.

The LÄGLER® lineup of machines contributes so much to the livelihood of flooring professionals in Colorado, and we couldn’t be happier to join them in celebrating the 50th anniversary of what is arguably the most recognized and respected floor sander in the world: the HUMMEL®. First developed in 1969 by Eugen Lägler himself, the HUMMEL® was the first belt sanding machine specifically designed for wood flooring, vastly transforming the industry. It set the standard for floor sanders, and to this day is one of the most asked-for sanding machines by wood flooring professionals worldwide.

Our team here loves a good celebration, so we’re super excited that LÄGLER® decided to celebrate the HUMMEL® turning 50 in a shining way- every single HUMMEL® that leaves the factory in Germany in 2019 will be equipped with an ultra-bright LED light (3480 lumens). Additionally, in the theme of golden anniversaries, the machines built this year will all have a gold plaque attached commemorating the milestone. And guess who gets to sell the very first ones in Colorado? The team at Palo Duro Hardwoods, that’s who.
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To make a good thing even better, it’s not just the 2019 machines that will get to steal the spotlight. Come February, light conversion kits will be available to purchase for machines that were built in 1988 and later. There is some wiring involved, but our incredibly talented machine repair specialists Rod, Jesus, and David are happy to step in and get everything lit up for our loyal HUMMEL® users.

As always, you can give us a call at 303-375-0280 with any questions or to put in your order for this special-edition machine. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating 50 years of the HUMMEL®, as well as the next 50, and the 50 after that. Cheers!

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