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New Muscanell Millworks Textures Part One: Build + Sand

Posted on Jul 27, 2018 10:47:10 AM

Muscanell Millworks out of Cortez, CO has just rolled out a handful of new textures that can be applied to most any of their hardwood species.

These new textures are applied to the planks right at their mill, giving them more control over depth of the marks. The saw marks are applied before the plank is milled into flooring, eliminating “tear out” at the edges of the plank. Boards will start off having "more texture than needed" so it can be sanded to customers' liking. Sanding or wirebrushing can also be added for additional character. Boards come in widths of 3” to 10”, and lengths between 1’ and 10’.

The new textures are:
Blue Mountain: Bandsawn
- Bryce Canyon: Combination of bandsawn and circlesawn (approximately 50/50 blend, marks not on the same board)
Cimarron: Circlesawn with a random appearance (angle, direction, and spacing of saw marks will vary)

Here, Palo Duro team members are racking, building, and sanding boards with the Bryce Canyon, Blue Mountain, Buckboard, and Cimarron textures which will ultimately be stained and finished, then cut into samples that will be on display in our showroom.


Racking out Walnut with the new "Bryce Canyon" texture, a combination of band and circle saw marks.

Using the Bostitch Model MIII flooring stapler to secure the planks.

Close-up of Walnut with "Bryce Canyon" texture.

Close-up of White Oak with the "Blue Mountain" texture.

Pointing out the medullary rays.

White Oak with the Buckboard technique, one of Muscanell's most popular textures.

Checking the over/under on the freshly-sanded White Oak with "Buckboard" texture.

Close-up of Hickory featuring the "Cimarron" texture, showcasing beautiful circle saw marks.

Sanding of Hickory board with "Cimarron" texture using the Festool Rotex 150.

"New Muscanell Textures Part Two" will show the stained and finished boards that will be on display. We look forward to showing them off and answering any questions. Call us at (303) 375-0280 to learn more.

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