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NWFA Expo Opportunities

Posted on Apr 27, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Palo Duro Hardwoods is teaming up with its sister company, Eugen Lägler GmbH, this week at the annual National Wood Flooring Association’s Wood Flooring Expo. We are in Charlotte, NC. Our Lägler North America crew is here, too.

It’s a busy few days for us to come together with a few thousand fellow wood flooring professionals. Expo brings together people from all slices of the industry, from the forest to the floor: contractors, manufacturers, inspectors, distributors, retailers, importers/exporters, and designers.

Why We Attend NWFA Expo

One community. One passion. One location.

We participate in educational sessions to stay up to speed on trends, refine techniques, and to plain get smarter about what we do. There’s always room to learn more and do things better.

It’s also invaluable to join the bigger conversation about what matters to those of us across the industry. It’s the best all-around event for connecting with the wood flooring community.

Palo Duro has been a member of the NWFA for nearly all the association’s 30 years. And, as previously published on this blog in “Seeing the Bigger Picture,” Palo Duro President Jeff Fairbanks is wrapping up a two-year term as NWFA chairman.

Why do we attend Expo? Because we are all in to learn more, do better.

What We Do at NWFA Expo

Palo Duro and Lägler have a sizable trade show booth at Expo. We enjoy talking with pros who rely on their Lägler floor sanding machines daily, and those who haven’t so much as run a HUMMEL® yet.

We love to talk about the machines. Just like our customers do. HUMMEL users, for example, run their machines day in and out for more than 20 years, on average. That adds up to a lot of stories, and sometimes questions. We’ve got answers.

Stop by the Lägler booth to enter this year’s Fly + Sand lottery for a chance to win a virtually free trip to Germany for PST and all-around fun with 10 fellow flooring pros.

Some of those answers are about techniques. As with their German-engineered sanding machines, our friends at Lägler GmbH in Germany have developed, refined, and documented a floor sanding method that tightens up efficiency and quality on the job.

Lägler’s Premium Sanding Technology (PST®) training and certification is that method. And at this year’s Expo, we get to tell our industry friends they no longer have to go all the way to the factory in Germany to get the certification, if they’d like to stay closer to home. We now offer PST at Lägler N.A., a division of Palo Duro, in Denver.

Of course, if you would like to do PST at the source in Germany, you might be in luck. It’s lottery time.

Lägler Opportunities for You at Expo

Stop by the Lägler booth to enter this year’s Fly + Sand lottery for a chance to win a virtually free trip to Germany for PST, a Lägler factory tour, sightseeing, and all-around fun with 10 fellow flooring pros. (If you’re not going to make it to Expo, you can enter the Fly + Sand lottery online.)

Stop by the booth for a new T-shirt. A soft, gonna-want-to-wear-it-every-day T-shirt.

Stop by for a chance to win a carbon-fiber TRIO fine-sanding machine for as little as $25 per raffle ticket. Every dime from the raffle will benefit the industry as a whole through the NWFA Education + Research Foundation.

And if nothing else, stop by to talk about machines. That’s something we all can get behind.

Keep up with Palo Duro and Lägler during NWFA Expo and beyond via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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