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Reaching the Next Level

Posted on Mar 9, 2016 12:00:00 AM

By Jeff Fairbanks | President of Palo Duro Hardwoods

We serve many small businesses, many contractors and retailers. We know a lot is on the minds of those responsible for the future of those businesses, from daily execution to grand plans designed to carry decades-long, multi-generational visions forward.

If that describes you, we know you think about how to take your business to the next level. Sometimes wonder how to do it, sometimes dream how. Sometimes know how and hardly can be patient for the pieces to come together. We understand all that.

We are only a few months into this new, shared vision ... The awesome and scary thing is we are setting off a whole new set of dreams to reach for.

We're happy to say that in recent months, we've achieved a significant step to move our company, customers, partners and employees to a new level together.

After a 20-year distribution partnership with sanding machine manufacturer Eugen Lägler GmbH, we became sister companies under the Lägler Holdings umbrella. Now, we're blending the best of Palo Duro with the expert know-how and precision of Lägler GmbH.

What's New at Palo Duro Hardwoods?

We always are learning and working to do things in better ways. With the recent changes, we're driven even more to improve our warehouse layout for efficiency. We've overhauled our buying, receiving and inventory processes to make everyone's experience with us even better. We've increased our inventory in Palo Duro's warehouse, and in Lägler N.A.'s.

We are connecting our Palo Duro partners -- Norton Abrasives, Hallmark Floors, Arboritec USA, and Glitsa, so far -- with training in our Lägler N.A. training center, further developing our relationships and sharing industry knowledge to make all of us better at what we do.

Plans and construction are underway to overhaul our Palo Duro offices and facilities, preparing for continued growth.

What's New at Lägler North America?

We are clarifying Lägler's identity on this side of the Atlantic. We always have been the North American distributor for Lägler GmbH, but many of you might have heard us refer to our business here as Lägler USA in the past. We are clarifying our message, including on our new social media pages for both companies, to reflect our focus on serving all North America. Lägler North America is a division of Palo Duro Hardwoods.

We've moved Lägler N.A. out of the corner of Palo Duro's warehouse. With Lägler Holdings, we've built-out a separate facility a few doors down the street, in the same building as Palo Duro. Come by and see the new warehouse space, large enough to include adequate repair, shipping prep, inventory management, and training operations.

We also have built a conference/class room that welcomes attendees at our one-day-long Premium Sanding Technology (PST®) training and certification courses. There is a new kitchen and lounge area, plus space to showcase Lägler machines.

And we only are a few months into this new, shared vision. The awesome and scary thing is that step is setting off a whole new set of dreams for us.

We feel like these improvements we're making offer stepping stones to what our next-level goals might be, yours and ours. We're focused on win-win opportunities here.

We hope you'll be part of what's happening and what's still to come.

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