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Posted on Oct 26, 2016 12:00:00 AM

We recently hosted customers and Palo Duro partners for a shop talk, food truck, free beer get-down. It was a chance for more than 100 of our friends to see what’s new and improved around our house.

More than 20 partners flew in from across the country to talk with customers, to see the renovated and expanded spaces, and to meet the growing Palo Duro staff.

Several dozen area pros took time from their stores and job sites to grab some lunch with us, learn about products from the manufacturers we partner with, and talk with the leadership of the National Wood Flooring Association.

The open house was a celebration that showcased many significant changes at Palo Duro since it was acquired last fall by Lägler Holdings, which also owns Lägler GmbH, manufacturer of Lägler floor sanding machines, in Germany.

One-Stop Shop | In-Person + Online

With the growth of its team in sales and marketing, Palo Duro has launched new opportunities for partners and customers.

A new, mobile-responsive website highlights the flooring, tools, machines, and supplies that make Palo Duro a one-stop shop for wood flooring professionals. There are product catalogs for each category, and web pages for each wood or vinyl flooring product available.

Each web page includes our simple contact form to request our sales team reach out to you, and our contact information for you to reach out to our sales team.

Professionals can learn more about being successful on their job sites, using our website regularly.

On our site, contractors, designers, retailers, and homeowners can compare flooring products by species, widths, lengths, construction (e.g. solid or engineered), prefinished or unfinished, and manufacturer. For example, use
our site’s search bar to find 5” wide flooring or to identify hickory flooring we offer.

On the home page, there is a Featured Product section. Each month, we shine the light on a flooring collection or another product. The featured product links to a blog post, where we pull back the curtains a bit and help share the untold backstory of what went into the making of that collection, why its special.

The blog is another new feature on our website. We regularly publish information that is helpful to contractors, designers and homeowners for flooring success. (Examples: Read “How to Prepare a Wood Subfloor" or “Acclimation of Wood Flooring”)

In short, the new Palo Duro website is a valuable resource. It also is flexible for use with smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Palo Duro on Social Media

With the blog, and with an ongoing effort to create photos and videos of value, Palo Duro has expanded its use of its website and social media to get the good stuff out there. Besides Facebook,
we’re now accessible via InstagramHouzz and Twitter. We use all four social platforms to promote our partners and customers, answer questions, and share useful information.

We help to promote your work and company. Submit project photos and basic info, using our online form (see the “Submit Project Photos” menu heading on our home page). We will feature you on our social pages.

News | Palo Duro Delivers

Adding to our use of social media for connecting our industry with information, we have started sending a monthly email newsletter.

It includes current news and content from our blog. We also help partners spread the word about their special opportunities. For example, MAPEI is offering its customers (through Palo Duro only) a chance to win a Lägler FLIP edger. Customers earn a raffle entry for every jug or bucket of MAPEI adhesive and/or finish they buy (until Nov. 11, 2016).

Subscribe to the Palo Duro newsletter and follow our social media pages. Next to your relationship with your Palo Duro sales rep, these online vehicles deliver the best insights into what we’re doing to help your business succeed.

Progress + Growth Together

The open house is behind us now. But all the new we unveiled is part of our path forward with you. That’s exciting stuff.

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