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The Roots of Hearthwood

Posted on Jan 8, 2018 4:50:00 PM

The roots of Hearthwood’s story run deep. They sprawl through the intertwined history of American manufacturing and the rise of the modern wood flooring industry.

Hearthwood is at the heart of today’s flooring designs. It’s made in America’s heartland of Tennessee, with a socially minded approach. Hearthwood is led by third and fourth generation family members who build upon the legacy of the man who invented engineered wood flooring in 1938, Andy Anderson.

Each generation since has brought its own areas of expertise and ingenuity, adding to the rich story of what makes this family and this flooring standout.

From first generation Andy, who learned from selling plywood to the U.S. Navy for PT boat construction that he could craft the special flooring the Navy needed for its concrete-slab naval base housing.

To second generation Bob Anderson, who led the company through ups and downs of the economy and flooring market. Bob lifted what was then known as Modernwood through relationships that created stability and longevity.

To third generation, Don Finkell, Bob’s son-in-law, who is known for creating industry-altering innovations. Don and his team produced the first hickory engineered wood floor in 1986, the first full-filled urethane finish in 1990, the first aluminum oxide wear-resistant finish in 1996, and the first prefinished, hand-scraped floor in 2001.

Don retired in 2013, but with his wealth of knowledge and passion, he returned to start a “Made in America” brand that carries forward the Anderson family legacy with his daughter, Allie Finkell.

As the fourth generation, Allie has grown up in the wood flooring industry. She started in the family business at age 12, fulfilling online orders for flooring samples. Carrying on her father’s passion for innovation, Allie has led the creation of Hearthwood, launching the line in 2017 as a leader in sustainable, well-crafted, design-forward engineered wood flooring.

Along with the environmental consciousness that drives this Tennessee brand, Don and Allie ensure Hearthwood is socially responsible. The Hearthwood business model works with a Prison Industry Enterprise program to employ individuals who are incarcerated.

Participation in the program is voluntary, and the workers earn a civilian wage to support their families or save for their reentry into civilian society. Hearthwood’s manufacturing model provides on-the-job training, giving them lasting skills they can carry forward as craftsmen into their futures. It also reduces recidivism from more than 50 percent to less than 10 percent.

Learn More About Hearthwood

Hearthwood comes from a family that has crafted center-pieces in other families’ homes since 1945. Learn more of the Hearthwood story at, and through Palo Duro Hardwood’s exclusive partnership to provide Hearthwood to Colorado and the surrounding Rocky Mountain region.

See our online Hearthwood product catalog, and call the Palo Duro sales team at 303-375-0280. Visit the Palo Duro showroom at 12875 E. 42nd Ave. in Denver to see samples and for an in-person consultation.

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