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The Textures of Traviata

Posted on Jun 13, 2017 12:00:00 AM

For designers and homeowners, wood flooring can be an eye-catching fashion statement. For highly skilled craftsmen, wood flooring is the medium they use to create custom artwork.

For Pinnacle Interior Elements, producer of Pinnacle flooring collections, like Traviata, the creativity for designs, textures and names of flooring begins with found inspirations.

Pinnacle long has been known for its textured wood flooring, the hand-scraped, wire-brushed, saw-cut looks that suggest old-world wear with modern fashion sense.

“I look for texture a lot. I look for all different surfaces, in everything,” says Brenda Cashion, who leads Pinnacle’s product development. “That includes what I see in architecture and furnishings, in nature and textiles. I look for how to connect touch with the visual appeal of materials. We don’t want texture to define the floor, but we use it as one element that gives the floor a one-of-kind quality.”

'Texture You Can Feel With Your Eyes'

The story of Traviata’s texture began while shopping for that something unusual, an outing unrelated to creating the collection. It’s an example of how Brenda uses the creative spark whenever and from wherever it comes in the world.

“I was in the kind of place that I wouldn’t romanticize by calling it an antique shop, but it wasn’t quite a junk store, either,” Brenda says. “I noticed a wood table. It was made with different widths of wood across the top, and it was scraped and cut across the grain, running across the boards. That texture and look inspired what we’ve now recreated with the Traviata Collection.”

Traviata gives 7 ½”-wide engineered wood floor planks a faux-reclaimed look, if not the fully rugged snag your socks on a knot hole feel.

“Pinnacle’s tag line is: Texture you can feel with your eyes,” Brenda says. “We work hard to finish the surfaces so they are smooth to the touch. Even though we have a lot of depth and dimension in the textures we create, we want that comfort of being able to walk on it in your bare feet and enjoy not feeling all the texture you see.”

Pinnacle's Traviata Collection Engineered Wood Flooring | Palo Duro Hardwoods

Like the Italian name Traviata suggests, the collection has a European appearance. Its wide planks are 9/16” thick, and have beveled edges and ends. The collection offers five colors, each one immediately recognizable: Soft Taupe, Camel, Dune, Argent Grey, and Dark Chestnut.

“I look to use names of colors that immediately make an instant connection, ones that are representative of the color your brain sees when reading or hearing the name,” Brenda says.

Along with Traviata, Palo Duro Hardwoods is the Rocky Mountain region’s exclusive supplier of Pinnacle’s Grand Reserve, Forest Knoll and Plantation collections.

Learn More About Pinnacle Flooring

View the online catalog for Traviata Collection. See the textures, colors and flooring details.

Contact your Palo Duro sales rep to learn more, or call Palo Duro’s inside sales team at 303-375-0280.

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